Website for final exam calculator

So, here’s what I’m thinking, I think that I think that I have found a solution to the problems that I have her guarding stress around exam time. Basically, I end up neurotically trying to calculate the exact grade that I need to get on my final exam to get the final grade in the course that I hope to achieve. Is this common, I think that it probably is? I know that I’m not the only one, but a lot of people are better at math than I am, so when I am trying to do these mathematics, I often find that my level of anxiety and stress inhibits my mental capacity and abilities to perform mathematics, says it’s not something I specialize in.So, I guess what I’m saying, is that I’m very bad at math so this is hard for me. I was lucky to find a final exam calculator, a website that does the work for you. You don’t have to enter very much information at all. You just say what your grade is, what you want your grade to be, and the amount of weight or worth that is placed upon your final exam, percentage wise, and determining your final grade. From here, the equation is already built for you. So, all you have to do is press one single button, and you will be told the exact score that you need to receive on your test. It’s just that simple, it really is. So, for example, all I know is that I need to get a grade of a B to maintain the GPA that I need to continue moving forward with an honors level GPA. That is very important to me, and I hadn’t quite figured it out, and thought I might need to get an A. Now that I know that I don’t need to get an A, I can study a little bit less, and devote that energy to something different. Yep, it’s a pretty sweet deal, and I’m grateful for the website.

Software Engineer Wanted!

So, I have to say, that starting my own little business has been a real treat. I was always afraid to do it, even though I already had so many ideas, so to finally buckle down and make it happen has been an extremely important and pleasant experience for me in many ways. I’m proud of myself, and I don’t think that there is anything that could happen, even if the business totally fails, that would make me feel as if I hadn’t accomplished something that I needed to do in my lifetime. I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to follow my instincts and my passions and create something that I want to create. Sometimes, life gives us the opportunity to do exactly what we need, and it is up to us to step up to the plate and hit a homerun, or at least get on base. That’s how I feel. However, there are a few elements of business that have been rather difficult for me lately. I talked that I could do it all myself, but there are certain things that I don’t think I’m going to be able to do. I mean, the basic function to the business are easy for me. Time-consuming, but easy. The social media presence and marketing elements are strongly suited to my skill-set and I am very pleased to have an opportunity to use the sorts of skills for my own project now that I have taken off in my own Direction. However, beyond that level of technical capability, I am not exactly a genius. In fact, I think I’m going to need to hire a programmer. Not that the idea is extremely complex, and I don’t think that I’m going to need a full-time software engineer, but I do think that I’m going to need to do some IT outsourcing

It is pretty urgent, I think it can wait a little bit of time but not much more than that. I mean making a living doing what I love is amazing, and I think I’ll eventually get there, I don’t like working for other people so this is a logical step for me. But, the first thing that I’m going to need is a technological wiz to help me get to the next level.

Excellent electric scooter

As somebody who gets to live in a lot of places all over the planet, travel a lot of the globe, and spend months and even years living in foreign countries, I have quite a standard for exceptionalism. I know that certain countries do certain things better than other countries, and that these things are hard to argue. I mean, sometimes, it’s hard to tell. When it comes to something like wine, France, Italy, Spain, and many Eastern European nations really come close to reaching the same level of Excellence. Basically, you have to choose your preference, rather than choose a clear winner in the category. This can be seen in a few other fields. Many European nations, including Germany, compete for who makes the best beer. The best food is also Up For Debate. However, when it comes to creating machines that are incredibly efficient and globally renowned, Germany Takes the Cake. The new electric scooter (or Elektroroller, as they are locally called) from UNU is absolutely proving that bias to be correct.



Ozark Trail XL Family Cabin Tent Review

This huge tent delivers about as much bang for your buck as you’re going to find. With their coolers and other assorted gear, Ozark has emerged as one of the best names in camping supplies. Their tents, it turns out, are no exception.

This XL tent claims to be a “10 person” tent, which, generally, means that it comfortably fits 5-7. This tent also has three rooms, each of which can fit a Queen sized air mattress, and then has a notable amount of space to spare. The dimensions are  20 x 10 feet, but the shape is not totally rectangular. Still, that is seriously impressive– it’s a lot of space! As well as one main door in the center, each of the side “rooms” has their own door as well. These separate, personal doors definitely add a luxurious element of privacy if you are sharing this tent with other folks. These separate rooms are simply separated by two dividers that can easily be removed if you would like to rearrange the spatial configuration so it is just one or two separate areas.

The six windows are fantastic for allowing extra ventilation, as well as providing a beautiful panoramic view of your outdoor surroundings. The fly seams are taped with the purposes of extra water resistance, and the seams work pretty well. The tent stays reasonably dry, even in very rainy or foggy conditions, the moisture is kept at bay for the most part. However, it is important to note that this tent is not “waterproof”, but “water resistant”. There is a significant difference between these terms, and you should manage your expectations accordingly.

It’s an easy tent to assemble. It can be done easily with one person, but is extra smooth with two people working together. The poles and pieces are all high quality, and the tent is very durable.

Like I said, Ozark has really started to make their mark in the world of camping supplies, and this tent should cement their place in the conversation as far as high quality camping goods go. If the basic description of this tent’s features seems to meet what you are looking for, I would definitely recommend this tent, at least as much as the other tents you’ll find on Survival Cooking. It is well built, easy to use, water resistant, and absolutely huge. For the price, it’s totally a bargain.

5 reasons you should get a 360 degree camera!

Capturing the reality with this small 360 degree camera will allow people to experience how it feels to fly a jet, jump from a parachute or explore the ocean in a captivating way. However, the 360-degree camera is not just about capturing pictures. There are several grounds as to why it’s worth spending on a 360-degree camera among them are five leading reasons to be noted.


A drop in the price.

It’s doubtless for a 360 degree camera to be expensive, but one must think of what they are gonna get when choosing a camera like this. Capturing a clear real life video is worth the price of the 360-degree camera. However, you have a lot of different varieties of this type of camera available in the market with the least costing $100. A considerable assortment of 360-degree cameras with flawless photography costs less than $200.

Compact and Handy

The 360-degree cameras are compact, wireless and easy to carry around compared to another DSLR camera which needs a lot of formalities before shooting a video. The hassle of fitting and storing lens is no more with 360-degree cameras which are not more than 5 inches tall. With an ease of setting it up almost anywhere click your perfect shot with 360-degree cameras.

Simple to use.

People might think that using a 360-degree camera is difficult just like using a DSLR camera, where you need to be a professional to shoot perfect videos. 360 Degree camera is easier to use than you think. Most of them are embedded with only 2 buttons to shoot a perfect video. And as you get to know more about perfect 360-degree cameras you’ll realize that how easy it is to use them with no installation headache.

A huge variety to browse

As the 360-degree camera took over a market, unlike before where you didn’t have a handful variety to choose from. But now there is a wide range of variety of 360-degree cameras for you to browse and pick from. This means the customers have now a dozen of options to choose from.


It’s distinctive uses.

The most amazing feature of the 360-degree camera is being able to share your photography anytime and anywhere like Facebook, youtube etc.

Its uses don’t end here. Surprisingly people have been using the 360-degree camera as a security camera in their house when they are away. Fitting it into a convenient place and checking through the phone.

No doubt, 360-degree cameras are modifying the way we look at the planet.

The benefits of staging houses for Realtors

The benefits that come with the staging your listed are fascinating. Property staging is an expedient tool used in merchandising for dealers to give a leap in a competitive market.

The following are the benefits of staging houses


  • Your class and professionalism: since you represent the properties on your list, why not make them looks nicest than the ones in the environment. When it is a sold for a high price and quicker, It will catch the eye of other realtor and clients who will need you to sell their house someday.


    1. It adds value: you should be ahead of your competitors, by offering to stage as part of your services. If you don’t, other realtors will. Clients may make their listing conclusion based on the extra service you can provide.
    2. Staging increases consumer satisfaction: offering staging and a proper design verlichting to your customer will show that you are willing to go extra length for them with your efforts. The houses will look better, and you will be appreciated for it. Your clients might take up valuable tips for the decoration of their next house.


  • There will be a faster turnover: you will spend lesser time and effort on listing and increase your earnings by turning the houses over and at a quick rate.


    1. Allows you to keep your mind on the important business: negotiating and recording the sales of the homes and not helping the clients with specific ideas on what needs to be done and the process to do it. There is no time to discussing color and fitting of furniture. You have to bring a personnel how knows the job of staging a house for sale to prepare the list of what should be done on the property and you don’t have a combine that will find buyers for the property.


  • It helps prevent clumsy situations: providing support about the staging like odors, color to use, old decorations, worn outfitting, dirt and the argument of the work to be done by another member of the family. A profession in the field of staging should be hired, he or she can handle the issues that arise in term of the staging.


  1. Staging can be used to reduce the price for the realtor’s benefits: just suggesting a price reduction won’t work like that, but if you explain adequately that there would change to be on the modification such as staging and design verlichting of the house.

Biggest lies about Search Engine Optimization Marketing

In online marketing, misinformation is very common, and it is getting compounded geometrically by the increase of change and this evolving world. Most of the thing you know about search engine optimization are lies. Probably may be true a few years back

Indexsy provides some myths you need to know and be more intelligent with SEO

Lie1: Meta tags will grow your Ranking

Meta tags are no longer relevant to individual search engines. Although it should not be ignored. Meta tags are forms of text that are shown along with your link in the search results and it is more deceptive to be clicked on more by users.

Lie 2: the more the inbound link, the better

In recent updates to individual search engines algorithm, search engine giants have made quality important than quantity. Gone are the era where super shallow quality links drive sites up in ranking. Those links can get your site to be sanctioned.

Your focus should be basically on getting links to sites that are relevant to your service or industry and having then surrounded the relevant text. The review on the links to your site will be far valuable than other fake links.

Lie 2: PageRank determines

Search algorithm has developed beyond just a single sign. Over the years, it has been said that higher your PageRank; the more chance search engines will rank your website. PageRank still matters but not as important as before

Lie 3: you have to submit your sites to various search engines

Around 2001, submitting your websites to search engine was a regular thing back them. It has changed in recent time. Now, if there is a single link to any sites on search engines to yours, in no time your site will be registered on the any of the search engines, without submitting anything to them.

Lie 4: everything about SEO is all about trickery

Lie, lie and lie. Many of this expert go about tricking search engines regularly, but playing trick won’t give you long lasting relevance on search engines. Good SEO marketing is about creating a connection with your site, unique contents, and informative substances. When fake SEO are found, they will be deleted immediately, so don’t risk trick for something you can achieve with right means. Note that nothing comes so easy, but nevertheless, it is worth the patience. If you want decent SEO indexsy provides it


Money Laundering Found in Vancouver Real Estate

If there was ever a headline to give you equal parts anger and fear, this is certainly one to do the job for those living in the metropolitan, beautiful, pricey Vancouver.  Recently, this city has been all over the news due to the fact that has astronomically high prices for homes and all sorts of interest in the real estate that is there – much of which is from overseas.  

New data has come to light now, about why that foreign interest is so high right now.  It stems to the fact that the real estate market is being used for money laundering, which means all kinds of trouble for everyone involved in the entire real estate market.  Here are the details.

The money laundering is believed to be happening within the legal world of Vancouver.  Since legalities are needed all throughout the dealings of real estate, it is easy enough for those who mean harm to smuggle the money out into foreign countries.  It is believed that the main country that is benefiting from this scam is China.  This is a problem for Canadians as well as Canadian officials because, as of right now, there is no extradition treaty between the two countries, meaning that the foreigners stealing the money will get away with it without a problem at all.  

The world of real estate is also a simple place to launder money because the amounts are so large that some can be taken away and it is harder to notice.  Shrouding from the public eye, it takes a while for officials to catch on that it’s happening.

It doesn’t seem to matter, though, that it’s happening, because right now there is simply nothing that can be done to curb it.  Corrupt Chinese government officials are the ones accused of laundering the money and since they are safely within Chinese borders, no charges can be made, and there are no crimes to be punished.  This is a smart and infuriating crime that is being committed that impacts the entire real estate market. No area in greater Vancouver is safe, not even the Tricity area, not even Port Moody real estate is safe. 

There is very little information being processed back and forth between China and Canada about this issue and Canadian funds on anti-crime in the financial sector are already allotted to other things, so what little there is in the budge to tackle this issue is not enough to make a huge difference in the big scheme of things.

Canadian officials are frustrated with the lack of progress in this case and say that passing information back and forth – essentially, make it widely available to other countries, and vice versa – is critical to pushing ahead on this project, but so far, that open communication has not happened, so the money laundering is still happening at large within Vancouver real estate, and it is clear that Canada’s ranking in terms of cracking down on financial crime is starting to slip.

While the crime continues onward, Canadians are turning their attention to doing what they can within their own borders both officially and unofficially.  They are hoping that this will instill confidence  and communication between countries so that this money laundering can be put to rest and the real estate world – and its reputation – can recover from this financial disaster.  

Prices based on MLS Vancouver.

Things You Need to Know about Bluetooth Beacons

Many people ask us many questions about Bluetooth beacons. To clear the air, we decided to highlight some of the things you should know about these amazing devices. Check them out!

A beacon do not have the ability to see any mobile device around it and it doesn’t connect to any devices around it. Actually, a beacon has only one simple purpose – sending out its signal. If there are other devices around that can see it, then that is great, but if there are no devices to see it, nothing happens. Because beacons can’t see devices, it means that they can’t connect to them, which also means that they are not capable of stealing from what they can’t see.

These devices are not internet connected. All you need to do is to position them and they will send out a signal. Beacons not only are unaware of themselves, but they are also unaware of any other devices that might be around them. These devices are not connecting to the internet and they can never connect to the Wi-Fi. All they do is sending out Bluetooth low energy packets and say I am here, you can see me and take action if you want to.

  • Beacons are perfect at determining distance

You can use what is called received signal strength, which is actually the line of sight from the Bluetooth antennae device to the beacon. The only problem with this is that it only works perfectly in the foreground especially in iOS.

So, it’s always advisable that you use multiple beacons. Just put multiple beacons all over your location and then adjust the antennae power of each one of them to suit the individual use case. Depending on the length of your use case, you can simply tune the TxPower of your beacons to be let’s say 2 meters, 10 meters and so on. You should only deliver the push notification after you’ve gotten an entry for that beacon.

Yes, it is true that a lot of stuff about beacons sounds as if they are not real. However, the truth is that all this technology is real and available to leverage in your business now. Beacons are not only affordable and practical, they are also easy to install. You can put beacons to work in your business today and they are not science fiction as they might sound.


Ultimate Recliner Chair Guide


Ultimate Recliner Chair Guide

In the world of some of the best recliners, are features that provide you absolute comfort. But when it comes to buying the perfect recliner, what you need to consider is the position, the fabric and the size of your recliner. This guide will assist you in making a perfectly informed choice:

How high should be the back of your recliner?

The height of your recliner from the back is an important thing to consider when it comes to buying a recliner. Pay heed to the size of the person who is going to be using this chair the most. If you are buying this chair for the kids, then select the one that comes with a smaller back seat. But if you are buying it for an adult who is as huge as a baseball player, then bid on a larger back seat.

Another feature that comes in the recliner chair is a medium back which is neither too tall nor too small. An improper size of the back can cause more discomfort than providing comfort.

Microfiber, Leather or fabric?

This feature is strongly influenced by your lifestyle. If you are good at maintenance then leather can be a good choice. If not, then know that leather requires regular conditioning which can be difficult for some people to maintain. If not taken care of, leather will start to crack down.

The quality of leather varies, whereas the manufacturing process can significantly impact the pricing and final result. The finest quality of leather is the top grain one. It is cut from the finest portion of the hide, the top, which is usually the softest.

The split and processed form of leather is less supple and is used for areas that require less comfort, like footrest and armrests. Similarly other forms of leather vary in prices. The lower the quality, the cheaper the chair. But if you are on a restricted budget, select a chair that comes in another fabric.

Microfiber is a comfortable and soft fabric. Although it requires maintenance and regular cleaning too, but is generally thought to be more comfortable and long lasting. Fabric is the easiest to maintain out of the million other forms of upholstery. They can easily withstand damage and stains. Many brands, interestingly offer recliner chairs in the fabric that looks and feels exactly like leather. They are neither bonded nor top grain leather, but vinyl that gives the feel and look of a leather.

The best recliners are the one that commit to last long and provide maximum utility in the form of comfort and support.