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So, here’s what I’m thinking, I think that I think that I have found a solution to the problems that I have her guarding stress around exam time. Basically, I end up neurotically trying to calculate the exact grade that I need to get on my final exam to get the final grade in the course that I hope to achieve. Is this common, I think that it probably is? I know that I’m not the only one, but a lot of people are better at math than I am, so when I am trying to do these mathematics, I often find that my level of anxiety and stress inhibits my mental capacity and abilities to perform mathematics, says it’s not something I specialize in.So, I guess what I’m saying, is that I’m very bad at math so this is hard for me. I was lucky to find a final exam calculator, a website that does the work for you. You don’t have to enter very much information at all. You just say what your grade is, what you want your grade to be, and the amount of weight or worth that is placed upon your final exam, percentage wise, and determining your final grade. From here, the equation is already built for you. So, all you have to do is press one single button, and you will be told the exact score that you need to receive on your test. It’s just that simple, it really is. So, for example, all I know is that I need to get a grade of a B to maintain the GPA that I need to continue moving forward with an honors level GPA. That is very important to me, and I hadn’t quite figured it out, and thought I might need to get an A. Now that I know that I don’t need to get an A, I can study a little bit less, and devote that energy to something different. Yep, it’s a pretty sweet deal, and I’m grateful for the website.

Ozark Trail XL Family Cabin Tent Review

This huge tent delivers about as much bang for your buck as you’re going to find. With their coolers and other assorted gear, Ozark has emerged as one of the best names in camping supplies. Their tents, it turns out, are no exception.

This XL tent claims to be a “10 person” tent, which, generally, means that it comfortably fits 5-7. This tent also has three rooms, each of which can fit a Queen sized air mattress, and then has a notable amount of space to spare. The dimensions are  20 x 10 feet, but the shape is not totally rectangular. Still, that is seriously impressive– it’s a lot of space! As well as one main door in the center, each of the side “rooms” has their own door as well. These separate, personal doors definitely add a luxurious element of privacy if you are sharing this tent with other folks. These separate rooms are simply separated by two dividers that can easily be removed if you would like to rearrange the spatial configuration so it is just one or two separate areas.

The six windows are fantastic for allowing extra ventilation, as well as providing a beautiful panoramic view of your outdoor surroundings. The fly seams are taped with the purposes of extra water resistance, and the seams work pretty well. The tent stays reasonably dry, even in very rainy or foggy conditions, the moisture is kept at bay for the most part. However, it is important to note that this tent is not “waterproof”, but “water resistant”. There is a significant difference between these terms, and you should manage your expectations accordingly.

It’s an easy tent to assemble. It can be done easily with one person, but is extra smooth with two people working together. The poles and pieces are all high quality, and the tent is very durable.

Like I said, Ozark has really started to make their mark in the world of camping supplies, and this tent should cement their place in the conversation as far as high quality camping goods go. If the basic description of this tent’s features seems to meet what you are looking for, I would definitely recommend this tent, at least as much as the other tents you’ll find on Survival Cooking. It is well built, easy to use, water resistant, and absolutely huge. For the price, it’s totally a bargain.

5 reasons you should get a 360 degree camera!

Capturing the reality with this small 360 degree camera will allow people to experience how it feels to fly a jet, jump from a parachute or explore the ocean in a captivating way. However, the 360-degree camera is not just about capturing pictures. There are several grounds as to why it’s worth spending on a 360-degree camera among them are five leading reasons to be noted.


A drop in the price.

It’s doubtless for a 360 degree camera to be expensive, but one must think of what they are gonna get when choosing a camera like this. Capturing a clear real life video is worth the price of the 360-degree camera. However, you have a lot of different varieties of this type of camera available in the market with the least costing $100. A considerable assortment of 360-degree cameras with flawless photography costs less than $200.

Compact and Handy

The 360-degree cameras are compact, wireless and easy to carry around compared to another DSLR camera which needs a lot of formalities before shooting a video. The hassle of fitting and storing lens is no more with 360-degree cameras which are not more than 5 inches tall. With an ease of setting it up almost anywhere click your perfect shot with 360-degree cameras.

Simple to use.

People might think that using a 360-degree camera is difficult just like using a DSLR camera, where you need to be a professional to shoot perfect videos. 360 Degree camera is easier to use than you think. Most of them are embedded with only 2 buttons to shoot a perfect video. And as you get to know more about perfect 360-degree cameras you’ll realize that how easy it is to use them with no installation headache.

A huge variety to browse

As the 360-degree camera took over a market, unlike before where you didn’t have a handful variety to choose from. But now there is a wide range of variety of 360-degree cameras for you to browse and pick from. This means the customers have now a dozen of options to choose from.


It’s distinctive uses.

The most amazing feature of the 360-degree camera is being able to share your photography anytime and anywhere like Facebook, youtube etc.

Its uses don’t end here. Surprisingly people have been using the 360-degree camera as a security camera in their house when they are away. Fitting it into a convenient place and checking through the phone.

No doubt, 360-degree cameras are modifying the way we look at the planet.

How the number of downloads of the apps impacts their store ranking?

How the number of downloads of the apps impacts their store ranking?


People think that the app will be downloaded and installed for quite long if it is on the store for longer time. The app ranking is also influenced by the number of downloads of the app and by the time it is on Google Play or App Store. The users can find it easily that way and the app will be spread faster.


  1. How the impact of downloads is shown on the app store rankings?

The download velocity of the apps depends on how the app is being marketed, its popularity and the way the app stands out from the competition.

So, let’s say as an example we take some application and we measure the number of downloads within a month. If it is an app aftermath of hype it will have 100,000 to 500,000 installations. The app with regular population will have 1,000,000 to 5,000,000 installations, the popular app that requires a new boost it will probably have again from 100,000 to 500,000 installations and a trending app about 100,000 to 500,000 installations.

If the developers or the company want to increase the number of downloads and impact the raking they will have to find another way of popularizing the app, than using the traditional marketing such as media, PPC, mailing lists, or content marketing.

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