Things You Need to Know about Bluetooth Beacons

Many people ask us many questions about Bluetooth beacons. To clear the air, we decided to highlight some of the things you should know about these amazing devices. Check them out!

A beacon do not have the ability to see any mobile device around it and it doesn’t connect to any devices around it. Actually, a beacon has only one simple purpose – sending out its signal. If there are other devices around that can see it, then that is great, but if there are no devices to see it, nothing happens. Because beacons can’t see devices, it means that they can’t connect to them, which also means that they are not capable of stealing from what they can’t see.

These devices are not internet connected. All you need to do is to position them and they will send out a signal. Beacons not only are unaware of themselves, but they are also unaware of any other devices that might be around them. These devices are not connecting to the internet and they can never connect to the Wi-Fi. All they do is sending out Bluetooth low energy packets and say I am here, you can see me and take action if you want to.

  • Beacons are perfect at determining distance

You can use what is called received signal strength, which is actually the line of sight from the Bluetooth antennae device to the beacon. The only problem with this is that it only works perfectly in the foreground especially in iOS.

So, it’s always advisable that you use multiple beacons. Just put multiple beacons all over your location and then adjust the antennae power of each one of them to suit the individual use case. Depending on the length of your use case, you can simply tune the TxPower of your beacons to be let’s say 2 meters, 10 meters and so on. You should only deliver the push notification after you’ve gotten an entry for that beacon.

Yes, it is true that a lot of stuff about beacons sounds as if they are not real. However, the truth is that all this technology is real and available to leverage in your business now. Beacons are not only affordable and practical, they are also easy to install. You can put beacons to work in your business today and they are not science fiction as they might sound.